We hope that you will consider supporting a meaningful cause this Holiday Season and help us build 100 Bags of Fun.

We need your participation to help children and families who are isolated, facing challenging diagnoses and treatments. With your help, we can continue to deliver a sense of relief and normalcy.

Please consider making a financial contribution. Your generous gift can transform lives through the power of play.

When:November 1, 2021 - December 25, 2021

Bags of Fun Omaha Holiday Giving Logo

Ease stress with a $25 Donation

Help give children and families access to items they would not normally have access to due to social economic hardship.

Provide a distraction with a $50 Donation

Help children and families have a distraction from the fears of mental and physical illness.

Create a positive educational experience with a $100 Donation

Provides educational items for children seeking and receiving both mental and physical health support/treatment.

Deliver unique play to children and families in the fight of their lives with a $200 Donation

Funds 15 deliberate manipulative and therapeutic toys for a Bag of Fun.

Give Joy, Laughter and Relief with a $400 Donation

Donation to purchase a complete Bag of Fun for a child in the fight of their life.