Our Story

Bags of Fun Omaha began its journey in September 2019. Powered by the wish of a 6 year-old girl, Gabby Krause, we set off on a mission to provide every child in the Omaha area battling a life-threatening illness the POWER OF PLAY. Laughter, hope, relief, and a little sense of normalcy during a time that seems anything but normal. We delivered over 120 Bags of Fun in our first year of operation! We have partnered with Fat Brain Toys, a local toy store to provide the core educational, developmentally appropriate, and engaging toys to fill the bags. We work alongside Nebraska Medicine child life specialists, staff at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center as well as non-profit organizations like Angels Among Us and Heart Heroes to provide these kids with bags of toys and activities individually crafted for each child. We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from the Omaha community to make this all possible.

Map of all locations


Bags Given Across the Country
*Omaha, Nebraska coming soon...


felt that the Bag of Fun helped parents feel less isolated because others are thinking of them and their child


agreed that playing with their child reinforced that he/she is a child first, not just a patient.


agreed that engaging in play with their child provided a distraction for the parent as a caregiver from the stress of the illness.


of participants believed that playing with items in the Bag helped their child cope and maintain some normalcy during treatments.


The best distraction there is.


The best medicine around.


A naturopathic healer.