Bags for Bags: Something to Smile About

What does a balloon animal frog, a cup of lemonade, and a flying bean bag have to do with changing lives?

Well, everything!

On August 1st, we had our annual Bags for Bags event. The entire day was so amazing, that it was hard to pick just one stand out moment. But we all agreed, our favorite part was being able to see the smiles on everyone’s faces.

We loved seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as they enjoyed all the great activities! The balloon artist, Poppin Penelope wowed us with her creations. The stilt walker juggled while towering over us all and the magician did not disappoint!

These activities were so engaging and fun, one of our mom’s got a spray tattoo! (And that made us smile.)

While the kids enjoyed some silly fun, the parents were freed up to play the games. We had one epic cornhole competition on custom Bags of Fun cornhole sets!

The band brought smiles and a vibrant feel to the event. People enjoyed dancing around the tent, giving them quite an appetite for barbecue. Porky Butts’ provided delicious barbecue, and we went through 12 large jugs of fantastically refreshing lemonade!

The venue allowed for an outdoor area for the games but also an air-conditioned indoor space where people could sit and eat or cool off while bidding on the silent auction. It was a perfect spot for a summer event.

Most importantly, everyone got to smile and play. The power of play is at the core of all we do. And thanks to the Omaha community coming out and playing with us, we can provide laughter, hope, relief, and smiles to many more children in need.

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