Photo of Nora with her bag walking into the hospital

“Nora’s first reaction to her Bags of Fun was “Is that all for me?” She was full of smiles and happiness! Nora has been on treatment for what feels like forever. Organizations such as Bags of Fun that lift up kids spirits and bring joy help to get through the tough times are so amazing. As a parent you start to feel drug down sometimes when you have a child with a chronic illness or battle pediatric cancer. When you are blessed with such an amazing gift such as Bags of Fun it brings the child SO much joy, which in turn brings the family joy. Seeing your child happy is really all we want in life. The backpack that we received from Bags of Fun is our dedicated treatment bag. It comes with us to the hospital for every treatment. Nora loves to pack her bag the night before with things that she wants to bring to infusion with her that month. All of the items that come within the backpack help to bring countless hours of fun and to pass the time at infusion as well. We could not be more thankful for Bags of Fun for bringing so much joy and happiness to Nora.”

– Amber, Nora’s mom